Tyre Or Tire?

Yay, Monday is almost over. I hate Mondays and Mondays hate me. It's a mutual thing between us. Today, Monday decided that I needed to spend some hard earned money to change one of my car tyres that decided to go out of shape for no apparent reason!

To be fair I can't really blame Monday for this seeing as how the problem started on Sunday morning. While on the way to church, Mrs. Spiff remarked that she felt like she was sitting on an Ogawa chair from all the bouncing my car was doing on the left hand side. I guessed as much it would be something to do with the tyres.

And today on the way to work, I was bouncing up and down all the way to work and when I reached the office and got the mechanic from next door to look at it, he said my tyre 'sudah kembang' (expanded) and then he grabbed my hand and made me feel my tyre. And don't get any dirty thoughts about me feeling my tyres ... LOL!

And there went so much needed money just to get that tyre changed. Better safe than sorry they say. Besides, I didn't want to be rattling my brains out with a screwed up tyre. At least with that out of the way I can get down to working out these IT solutions that I'm going to need for work tomorrow.

Now if only the weekend would come much faster :D

2 weird comments:

chegu carol said...

tell me about it.
i just forked out half a grand just to ganti my two front tyres and fixed whatever needed fixing. :(

Spiffy said...

Carol - Adui, sakit nyer the wallet paying half a grand. Mine didn't cost much but still sakit my wallet also ... siggghhh ...