My Name Is Jack

Mrs. Spiff and me were out doing some personal stuff this afternoon. As we were walking past shops displaying Samsonite luggage, cell phones and magazines, we came across this new pet shop.

There in the window we saw three cute and I mean really cute puppies that took our breath away (I hope Pebbles is not reading this). But there was this one particular puppy that had us swooning away like little children who saw a new toy.

It was this cuttttteeeeeeee Jack Russell puppy that was sleeping in this most awkward and funny position, like it was high on drugs or something. We couldn't help ourselves and ran into the shop to admire and drool over that Jack Russell puppy. We eventually had to leave cos the staff was giving us both the eye ... LOL!

Mrs. Spiff was so in love with the fellow that she wants to get another dog to accompany Pebbles ... LOL! Well, so do I but I'm afraid Pebbles and that little fellow might not get along well. There's also the price tag attached to the little bugger stating that it would cost RM980.00 to take him home! That's money I don't have and can't afford to part with right now.

Don't get us wrong, we adore and love Pebbles but we thought she could use a friend to play with but it looks like she'll have to still settle for us as playmates until we can afford to get another dog. If you had seen how this Jack Russell fellow was sleeping you'd instantly fall in love with the little fellow too ...

Anybody want to donate a Jack Russell puppy to us?

2 weird comments:

Anny said...

urmmm... u can pinjam me Pebbles.. and she won't be lonely la.. hehehehe.. good idea or not? i have piper and dom both here.. Pebbles would be treated like a queen here :)

urrmmm... Jack ka? its its a very happy dog.. and lotta energy.. and and u need to walk the dog.. else it will be hyperactive.. hehhehee.. but its a pretty happy funny dog!

go to SPCA or Furry Friends Farm... they have lotta doggies to adopt :)

Spiffy said...

Anny - If I pinjam you Pebbles, I will miss her la ...

I'm sure Piper and Dommy will treat her like Queens and if they don't I'm sure Pebbles will make them treat her like Queen, she very demanding for attention one ... LOL!

Ya, Mrs. Spiffy loves Jack Russell's and the one we saw was so cuuuttttteeeee la!

Ya, we've been wanting to go to SPCA for a long time:D