Partners In Crime

Today is Tuesday and Tuesday's are supposed to be a decent day for me but I guess there is always an exception to the rule. My car gave me an embarrassing moment today and right in from of my clients office main entrance at that!

I had an appointment with one of my clients, a financial institution. Yes, spacemen need to work too just in case you're wondering. Plundering the galaxy doesn't pay too well these days. So there I was after the appointment walking to my car. I start my car and drive out from their rather long exit road that connects to the main road.

I stop at the junction to wait for passing cars and behind me there are already three cars also waiting to exit the building. Then all of a sudden my car decides to die on me.

'Oh crap!' I say.

Maybe I released the clutch too fast. Yes, I drive a manual car. I'm not into automatics, they're for wimps ... LOL! A MANual car is for a real man, like me ... Hahaha! Anyways, I thought I released the clutch too fast and hence, the engine stalling.

So I fire up the ignition again and it starts for awhile and stalls again.

'Oh bloody crap!' I mutter.

And this time it doesn't start up. By now, there is a nice long row of cars behind me. It's just about lunch time so you can imagine the scenario. No amount of cracking works and the engine remains dead.

That's when I begin to panic ... yes, yes, spacemen do panic at times too! I turn on the hazard, quickly get out of my car and indicate to the cars behind that something is wrong with my car and ask them to reverse so I can push my car to the side so I can stop blocking them.

'How the heck am I going to push my car and steer it at the same time' I thought.

That's when I found out how nice some people can be. The guy in the car behind me came out to give me a hand and so did the parking attendants there. In a matter of a few minutes, I had my car parked at the side and finally stopped holding up traffic who by the way were all such nice people and didn't honk at me at all!

My car really can breakdown at the most unexpected moments. Like I said, it was around lunch time and soon I had my clients walking by and looking at me trying to figure out what was wrong with my car. Some were helpful trying to give me tips and some deserved to be whacked on the head with some ellipticals or even a steering lock!

There I was with my bonnet up and with me peering deep into the engine and they come up to me and ask me if my car has broken down.

'No, no, I just love stuffing my head into a hot engine during lunch time' I felt like saying to them.

Of course my car has broken down. To cut a long story short, I don't know what I did but somehow I managed to get that bloody sorry excuse for a car started again. I was praying and crossing my fingers and toes all the way back to my office that it won't die on me again. Good thing it worked fine cos it wasn't easy driving with my fingers and toes crossed ... LOL!

I hope it starts up again later when I'm heading for home but at least if it doesn't, the mechanic is just next door to my office. I seriously hope nothing is wrong with it cos I can't afford to be spending money trying to fix it!

So Monday, are you proud of yourself now that you've managed to get Tuesday in cahoots with you too? Damn you Tuesday, I've got my eye on you!

8 weird comments:

Anny said...

aduhhhh.. kesiannyaa

but luckily its Tuesday.. cos if its Monday.. the whole lotta ppl behind you would be honking at you :D

oh.. btw.. your car broke down iziiiittt????

Anny said...

i drive a woMANual car toooooooo.. *LOL*

Spiffy said...

Anny - I think you're right la, if it was Monday, I'm sure everyone would be honking and no one would have even helped me push my car!

Urmmm, no, no, I just love stuffing my head in a hot engine ... hahaha!

Spiffy said...

Anny - Got woMANnual car kah? LOL!

Nessa said...

alololo kesiannn... nanti i beli you car ok, a mini toy car! boleh?? :B

Spiffy said...

Nessa - Memang kesian not to mention memalukan ... LOL!

Toy car? Urmmm, make sure it's one of those remote controlled ones. It probably works better than my car ... LOL!

baincardin said...

kesian u spiff. sabo jelaa banyak². ^_^

Spiffy said...

Bain - Memang kesian pun ... LOL!