Ahhh, What A Morning ...

Whoa, today is my first official day of being my own boss :D And it feels really great. I don't have to brave the traffic any longer cos I can just work from the comforts of my own home and best of all, I don't even have to change or brush my teeth ... LOL!

But alas, that cannot happen today cos I have three appointments and will definitely need to take a shower and brush my teeth or my clients are probably going to chase me away. But it does feel good not having to report in to a boss and face useless people in the office.

At least working from home, I have Mrs. Spiff to give me a shoulder rub when I need one.

Mrs. Spiff: 'What shoulder rub? You dream on you lazy Spaceman!'

Ok, there goes my shoulder rub! LOL! I wonder if Pebbles can give shoulder rubs? Then again, that dog might just bite me instead! Ok, gotta go and have my shower and get ready for my appointment.