Cats Owners Are Smarter Than Dog Owners!

I read this article online and have a bone to pick with someone. According to this article cat owners are supposed to be smarter than dog owners! According to this article some research done in the UK has found that cats and dogs are owned by owners with similar characteristics but that cat owners are more educated! Hrrrmmmpppppp!!!

This article goes on to say that cats are likely to be owned by people with degrees and and dogs are more likely to be owned by people without degrees or something like that. Let me tell you something. I've met people with degrees who have absolutely no brains and people with no qualifications whatsoever that are absolutely geniuses!

I honestly have no idea who even came up with the money to fund a stupid research like this! I'm insulted. I feel like taking my ray gun and zapping away at someone ... If it wasn't because I'm pretty busy looking for the best eye creams available, I'd get in my rocket ship and hunt down this researcher and make life hell for him or her!

Cat owners are smarter than dog owner! Hrrrrrmmmmpppppp again!

2 weird comments:

Anny said...

urmmm.. i think ah... urmm.. who did the survey anyway?? lemme go urmm... yea.. i think cats are smarter than dogs.. but.. the owners.. urmm... who did the survey anyway?

Spiffy said...

Anny - Yes, let's go zap this bugger silly! Even Pebbles can join us and bite this bugger silly ... LOL!