Stuffed Toys

I don't know what it is with Pebbles, but she just loves stuffed toys. She already has four stuffed toys and she guards them possessively. We've bought her those chew bones but she doesn't like them. She only loves her stuffed toys. They're come in handy as fat burners cos she runs around all the time with them which is her way of exercising.

The first stuff toy she had was this free Ribena berry toy. The day we gave it to her, she went ballistic and was running around the house with Beena Berry (all her stuff toys have names) in her mouth and not letting anyone near Beena Berry.

Then Mrs. Spiff gave her another stuffed toy, which was named Mac Taylor (Mrs. Spiff has a a secret crush of Gary Sinise, I think ... LOL!) and she once again was possessive of it. Then there's Scruffy and No Name and recently Mrs. Spiff added another toy to her possession. A tiger she bought from Tesco which was aptly named by me as Hobbes (what else ... LOL!).

I think Pebbles must really LOVE Hobbes so much that even pulled it towards her when she was snoozing. She's never done that before and it was an amazing sight to see. I saw her pull Hobbes and cuddle it while she snoozed!

When she's awake and if anyone tries to touch Hobbes, she'll quickly go and hang on to him with her jaws and give you this nasty stare ... hahaha! But I suppose I would do the same thing too cos Hobbes is so adorable :D When Mrs. Spiff first saw it, she insisted on getting it for Pebbles. Darn, Pebbles gets more things than I do ... LOL!

2 weird comments:

CJane said...

Cutie Pebbles! She looked like a stuffed toy herself! :D

Spiffy said...

Cindy - Hahaha ... that she does :D