Gollum, The Kitty

I took Pebbles for her long overdue grooming session today. I've been meaning to take her for ages but was always putting it off and Mrs. Spiff was worried that people might mistake her for a rug! LOL!

So today I made some time this afternoon to take her and get her groomed up. The session took about 3 hours and we went out walking at one of the nearby malls while waiting for her. When we went to pick her up, she wasn't ready yet and we hung around the pet shop looking at all the other pets on display there.

We came across this cuuutttttteeeeee little baby cat.

Deep booming voice from above (DBVFA): 'They're called kittens, you know and not baby cats.'

'Oh man, not you again! Why can't you just leave me alone and go look for the best fat burners or something?'

DBVFA: 'Ahhhh but you're my favourite waste of time ... hahaha!'

Maybe if I ignore him, he'll just go away.

DBVFA: 'You wish Spiffy, you wish!'

Ok, let's just ignore him. Anyways, as I was saying, we came across this cuuuutttttteeeee little baby cat ... urmmm ... I mean kitten and it had the hugest and saddest eyes that I was so taken in by it. Mrs. Spiff said he looked like that character from Lord of the Rings ... urrmmm ... that Gollum fellow and she has a point.

The little kitten does look like that Gollum fellow ... hehehe ... here, have a look and tell me what you think. Ignore the low quality unedited picture. It was taken by my Jurassic cell phone with an equally Jurassic camera that hardly has any megapixels at all!

He does look like a Gollum doesn't he? But he is so darn cute and was so tiny that Pebbles could have swallowed him whole for dinner ... LOL! Then there were these two kittens lazing around in the most easy going way that I was envious of them and wished I could laze around like that too.

Oh and here's another picture of Gollum the kitty ... hehehe ... I seriously still adore this little bugger. Don't let Pebbles know I said that :D

2 weird comments:

Anny said...

oits..besorrrrrrrnya the mata :D so cuteeeeeeeeee.. Marzie will surely love this kitty :)

Spiffy said...

Anny - Yes, it was soooo besooorrrrr and I'm sure Marzie would flip if she saw this kitty :D