What Is Wrong With You People?

Geez, what is wrong with you Americans? I thought you guys knew better than that. I was so hoping that you would do the right thing. And yet, I was totally horrified when I found out you didn't. I mean, if I was able to, I would have done it. But unfortunately I couldn't cos I'm not an American and I can't get involved even if I wanted to.

You know, I was so happy and anxious this evening, sitting on one of those modern sofas in my living room and waiting for it to start. And when it started I was so full of hope but little did I realize you Americans would ruin my day! Dammit, Tyler Grady got voted out today! Why, oh why didn't you guys vote for him?

I thought he had tons of character and a great voice too. Admittedly he was a bit too 70's cliched but I thought he would at least be given a chance to show that he could diversify. Now we'll never know would we? In fact He was soooooo much better than a host of the other guys there and I really thought he didn't deserve to go.

But then, like I said, I'm not an American and am not eligible to vote so there was no way I could have played a part in trying to keep him in. Not that I would vote if I was eligible, mind you. I'm too cheapskate to waste my money ... hahaha!

Deep booming voice from above: 'Then what the freaking hell are you complaining about, you moron!'

Hey, who you calling a moron? And besides, don't you know I just LOVE to complain ... hehehe! At least Casey James is still in and please, please, please my American pals (not that I have many) please vote for Casey James. I don't want to be cursing again next week if he's voted out! Oh and as for the girls, you can vote them all off cos I thought they were all just horrible!