Never Too Young ...

I was surfing the internet randomly today. This being Saturday and after all the chores are done, things can get pretty boring. It's too early to take my afternoon nap yet so surfing and blog hopping was the next best thing to do.

Then I came across this picture and laughed my head off. These two seem to be starting things off a little early don't you think?  LOL! And in public at that! Hahaha! I still can't stop laughing.

Image courtesy of Humor Pictures.

2 weird comments:

Anny said...

oh boyyy... tats a pretty urmm.. brave girl.. hahhahahahaa... the poor boy is probably pushed to the window.. and yelping for air.. *LOL* great one!

urmm.. mebbe brave is not quite the word to use here..

Spiffy said...

Anny - Pretty miang girl more like it ... hahaha! The poor fellow probably can't breathe la ...LOL!