Connectivitiy Issues

My internet connection is once again giving me grief. I'm really getting annoyed to the point of seriously considering canceling the service and changing to another provider. I cannot stand the many on/off connectivity problems I've been having and it really is giving me major headaches.

I'd rather settle for a slightly slower mediocre service provider (we all know who that is) but at least they're much more stable. I rely on the internet to do my work these days and these connection issues are bad for business.

I thought my connection blues would have been solved forever once they installed an outdoor CPE modem for me but I guess that wasn't the case. And speaking to their customer service people, well let me tell you, it would be easier to squeeze water from a rock. They manned by a bunch of blockheads!

With all the grieve they've been giving me, I don't even need all those best fat burning exercise tips to lose weight. Just a ten minute session with their customer service rep is enough to make you lose ten pounds!

Update: One of their better customer service people have called me and will be coming over to realign my external modem. The fault was at their end. Now, if only the rest of their customer service people were like this guy called Timothy.