Wow, the weekend came and went real fast. In fact so fast that I don’t even remember what happened during the weekend. Oh wait a minute. I think both Mrs. Spiffy and me were sick. She with food poisoning and me with my busted right arm which made it pretty hard to sleep all night. Some sleeping pills would have come in handy.

Where does the time go? The worse thing is I have so many things to get done for work and there really isn’t all that much hours in a day. Sometimes I wish I had that remote control, you know the one where Adam Sandler had in that movie ‘Click’, where I could pause time and do all my outstanding work and then un-pause when I’m done. Wouldn’t that be just dandy :D

Of cos, during the pause moments I wouldn’t age as well otherwise I’d be a grand old man by the time I un-pause time … LOL! Now comes the question of asking if any of you know where I could get such a remote?