Hell On Earth!

Woohoo, it's raining! I am so relieved to hear the sound of raindrops on my roof! Yesterday was so terribly hot that when Mrs. Spiffy hung out the laundry, it dried up in all of to minutes and I kid you not!

The sun was scorching yesterday. I was perpetually sweating buckets upon buckets of water. The sound of the rain right now, even though it's not as heavy as I would like it to be is welcomed indeed.

I really think our sun has moved closer to us. One of these days we're all going to burn up and become toast if something is not done soon. Did you all switch off your lights for an hour last night? If not, shame on you! Let's do something to minimize our carbon signature and make this earth liveable again by switching off all non essential electrical items everyday and not just one hour a year!

And just to prove how sincere I am, I'm blogging with my laptop running on batteries right now.