A Billionaire

'When Paul Fischer checked his bank account Friday night, he had a happy surprise. His balance had exploded to $88,888,888,888.88. A very lucky number indeed, and close to $89 billion.

Of course, the balance was a technical error by SunTrust Bank (NYSE: STI - News), which quickly fixed the problem. It also may have occurred in other accounts.'

Damn, I wish I would log into my bank account one day and find that much money in my account. I'd probably withdraw every single cent from there and run away ... hahaha ... It's not my fault if the back is stupid enough to have errors like that.

Well, one can only dream can't one?

2 weird comments:

Khemy said...

Yeah...so..what about the interest he made when the big amount was 'parked' inside his account overnight? Curios...

Spiffy said...

Khemy - They actually took back the interest too ... LOL!