Dog Food ...

I was out having dinner with Mrs. Spiffy and the boys at this new Korean joint near our place. The food was pretty cool and decent and I'll post about it in my next post right after the post that I tell you all just what a glucomannan is.

What I want to post right now is about this fur ball of a Pomeranian dog. There was this pet shop next to the place we had our dinner. After we finished, I decided to head into the pet shop just to inquire if they had boarding for dogs since I need to keep Pebbles somewhere for a couple of days cos I'm going on a holiday next week.

The moment I step into the shop, this ball of fur charges at me and the next thing I know is I'm being bitten by this fur ball with teeth which happens to be a Pomeranian. The bite didn't hurt but I was caught off guard. The feisty little dog was running all around the shop like some shop inspector or something.

 After my inquiries on the boarding packages they had and just as I was about to leave, the little fur ball came and attacked me again, sinking his (or was it a her?) tiny little teeth into my leg once again. Damn nasty little dog. What did he think I was? His food? Maybe I won't be sending Pebbles here after all, I don't want to start some dog war or something seeing as how Pebbles is one heck of a fighter dog too ... LOL!

One thing I'm sure of is I will never get a Pomeranian if I was looking for a second dog, they would bite me all day long ... hahaha!