Nerdy Geek

I haven't written about Pebbles in while. She's been giving me the eye so I thought I'd mention something about her today or else she might just bite my backside ... LOL! So before I start telling you all about bow ties, yes bow ties, what's the matter? You don't like bow ties? Come on already, bow ties are cool, though on the wrong person, they make you look like a nerdy geek ... hahaha! Actually a nerd is a geek so nerdy geek is just absolutely redundant!

Anyways before I start losing my mind, Pebbles is doing just fine these days. She's happily running around the house barking at every single dog or cat that passes by irrespective of whether they're bigger than her or not. I wonder if she really knows just what a little teeny weeny dog she is.

My neighbour has this dog that is 3 times her size and whenever she's outside the house and see's this dog, she'll run up to the fence and start barking at this dog who will retaliate by barking back. What a racket the two of them make!

I wonder if that little 'kuchi' rat dog of mine will still stand there and bark at this gigantic dog if there wasn't a fence separating the two of them ... LOL! More stories of Pebbles escapades to come ... stay tuned!