Time Flies When You're Having Fun ... NOT!

The month went by really fast. It was only yesterday that it was April 1st and now it's close to the month end. I can't even remember half the things I did this month. But then I'm not really complaining cos in about 8-9 days time, I'll be off on my three day vacation with the family and the family of my two best buddies to the historical city of Malacca :D

I'm really looking forward to that holiday cos it's actually the first time all three families are going for a holiday together. Normally it would be either either two families but never three cos we just couldn't get our schedules right. But this time, we all made it a point to take off and just drive off for the weekend.

I really need a nice long break, away from all the stress of work that I've been putting up with. It will be a time to refresh the weary soul and tired mind. Besides I haven't been to Malacca in years!