Going Broke Exercising ...

You know, recently I've been talking about nothing but losing weight, burning fat and where to find diet pills that work. I can't help myself. I'm so taken by this fitness thing that all I talk about with Mrs. Spiff these days is running, training and losing weight.

I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Every time we go shopping, we always end up in sports shops looking for new running and training items. We're spending so much money of running stuff that both our running shoes alone cost close to RM700.00!

I won't even start talking about all the stuff that we (mostly me) bought to go along with all the running gear like socks, shorts, t-shirts, water bottles, sports bags, a brand new MP3 player for myself, some exercise equipment for Mrs. Spiffy ... the list goes on. Worse still, I'm not done buying yet. There are a few more items on my list but I'm kinda broke to buy it all at once.

Have to start plundering some galaxies soon if I'm going to buy more running stuff. They're not cheap mind you. I have my eyes set on this pair of Adidas running singlet and shorts but they cost about three arms, four and a half legs, a set of teeth and one eye! I'll just have to save up before I can afford to buy them.

Exercising is really not cheap, especially if you're fussy like me and want all the bells and whistles that go along with it ... LOL!