It's Off To Work We Go!

Running your own company is tiring, even with a partner. It's 8pm and here I am sitting and waiting to head in to the office in a bit to meet my partner and pick up two other of our production guys and head to a mall in the city to install a couple of glass door branding for one of our clients.

We're only allowed to install the darn stickers after 10pm as per mall regulations so it's going to be a long night. While it might look like a simple job to paste up some sticker, it is a rather tedious and back breaking job to get it done just right, especially with a high profile client like the one we have that is soooooo darn fussy!

And the fact that it's our own company, both my partner and me have to be personally responsible to get things done right. After all, of we screw up we lose money and that is bad news for us. So while you guys sit there lounging around and munching away on some snack watching your favourite show, I'll be out there suffering away with some back breaking chore just to earn a few buck! I hope you all feel guilty about that!