Rain And Shine

The weather is a killer out there. I just stepped out for an appointment and I was sweating buckets upon buckets of sweat and that was with my car air conditioning switched on to the max. How do construction workers and those road side cleaners work in this kind of crazy heat? What's worse is if you're a Muslim and fasting right now.

I guess there are concessions for Muslims who work in laborious jobs like these to not fast, right? It's for health reasons so I suppose it's okay. Either that or they're going to faint from the heat and have to seek some Medicare part D plans before the fasting month is through.

Even sitting right now in my room with the air conditioning on and I can still feel the stuffiness out there. I hoped some rain will come soon but maybe a little later once I'm safely back home cos if it rains now, the roads are going to be slow moving ... there is no pleasing me. First I say it's hot and then I don't want it to rain ... LOL!