Bored! Bored! And Even More Bored!

I'm bored! I've been sitting here in front of my laptop looking through some laptop reviews and have no idea what else to do.

Most of my work are done, I've surfed through all the thing I need to surf for the day which normally includes sites about computers and laptops, HTC news and updates, Google Android updates and some sports sites. Now that I've done all that, I don't know what else to do.

I've just been staring at this screen and wondering what else can I do with my computer. I suppose I could log off and go watch TV, but the boy's are watching something and the show I want to watch hasn't started yet anyway. There's still about an hour to go.

Maybe I could just defrag my PC seeing as how it's long overdue for one anyway. Or maybe I could just go and sleep, now that sounds like the smartest thing to do :D