The Rain, The Park, and Other Things

We took Pebbles for a walk in the park today. It was the first time we ever took her out of the house. The only time she goes out of the house is when we take her for her grooming sessions. We've actually been wanting to take her for walks for quite a while now but I've just been too busy with work and stuff.

Since today we had the time, we finally took her out into the 'wilderness' ... hehehe ... She was a little bewildered at first and a little apprehensive of the strange new surroundings. She's also not used to having a leash on her and she refused to move at first but after a while, curiosity and awe got the better of her and she started walking, more like running around the walkway of the park.

I think she had a good time sniffing around the various new smells that were foreign to her. She had this happy little smile after we took her home and I'm sure she'll be looking forward to these walks pretty soon :D

I actually want to embed a short video of her walk here but somehow the video fails to play when you view it with Firefox. If any of you want to check out the video, you can look it up in Pebbles' Tales and please use Google Chrome to view cos for some strange reason it only works with Google Chrome!