The Weekend Is Here ... Ho Hum!

I should be happy cos today is a Friday and the weekend is almost upon us but I'm not. I have to wake up and head in to the office cos we're finally making a move to our new office. Though the office is still going through some minor renovations such as fixing the security cameras and door access units, we have to move all our stuff in tomorrow cos we're starting operations from there on Monday officially. As it is, we're already late by one entire week.

Work has been keeping both me and my partner so busy that we have no time to look into our own office renovations and stuff. Even our office furniture won't be in till next Friday and we'll all be sitting on the floor until then ... LOL! I actually can't wait for the office tables to come cos I ordered my chair in my favourite lime green color and will be the only one in the office with such a 'bright' chair. The rest of them are so unimaginative as to order a dull brown ... hahaha!

Once all this renovation and moving is finally completed, I think I'm going to take a day off and spend it exclusively with Mrs.Spiff. I'll even switch off my cell phone all day and stay away from the internet. I just want to be totally lost and unreachable! I wonder how that will go ... LOL!

Happy weekend folks and have a thought for us working tomorrow while you laze around in bed or on the couch vegetating!