Working From The Ground

I can't wait for Friday. Not because the next day is a weekend. I can't wait for Friday because our new office furniture will be arriving. It's been a horrible day at work without any tables and chairs. I actually had to sit on the floor and prop my laptop up on a few Ikea chairs that I bought and finish all my work today.

The furniture was ordered last week and the delivery policy is one week cos they have to custom order the stuff from their factory and that apparently would take a whole week. I really don't see why it has to take that long when we didn't order anything out of the ordinary. We just ordered the sets that were already displayed there so they should have some stock at least.

It's not like we ordered any patio furniture sets that came in some exotic long lost wood from the Amazon jungle. I suppose I have to be patient, after all with the amount of work I have, Friday should come around soon enough. Until then, I guess I'll be sitting on the floor again tomorrow.