Aiyaaa, Why So Small?

I'm doomed to eternal shame. I've finally had to go and make reading glasses as I can hardly see all those small text on those food packaging. Yes, yes, I do read the text on food packaging to see how much of calories I'm stuffing into me and for the love of God, I can hardly understand why the heck they print those text in such bloody tiny fonts?

Maybe they don't want people to really see how much of junk they have in the ingredients. I used to be able to read those tiny text but these days, no matter how much I squint, cross my eyes, stand upside down or do the hokey-pokey, I still can't make out a single alphabet.

So with much reluctance, I finally had to admit defeat and go make myself a pair of reading glasses ... siggghhh ... I'm going to be the laughing stock in the Union of Spacemen, that's for sure!

How times flies and how we age so quickly. It was only yesterday I was looking for creams to get rid of blackheads and now, I'm having to use reading glasses. Good thing my vision for distance is still pretty good so officially I'm only a half specky ... LOL!