Green Thumb?

Today is the end of the fasting month, well at least I think it is cos the moon has to be sighted and all that but I'm pretty confident the moon will be sighted and today will be the end of the fasting month for my Muslim buddies which will in turn make tomorrow a holiday to start of the Raya festivities and will make me a happy man cos I just love holidays, especially ones that involve a long weekend :D

I don't really have any plans yet. I'll probably go out for one of my usual shopping sprees at some sports shop or other ... LOL! But one thing I know I'm going to do is look into some outddor planter ... urmmm ... outdoor planters actually, websites cos I have this need to see a lot more greenery around the house. Currently the outside of the house looks pretty much like some concrete jungle with not a single plant or greenery.

I intend to change all that and make my house look like a jungle ... LOL! The only plants we have are inside the house but even then, it's not nearly enough. Maybe I should also look at some indoor planters websites to get some hot tips on how to be an effective indoor planter :D

Anyways, all I know is I plan to enjoy the holidays :D And here's wishing all my Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya. Be safe on the roads, people.