Intelligence At Work

Damn, damn, damn! I've got tons of stuff that I need to write about, especially on some cool industrial products that I want to share with you and  an internet connection is needed but my P1 Wimax connection just happens to decide to take this very moment to breakdown.

It's been 4 hours now and I still don't have connection. A call to the customer service people revealed that they're having some technical issues and my area just happens to be one of the affected few and it would take a few hours to get things back online. Like I said, damn, damn, damn!

But wait a minute, you just might be saying,

'Since you don't have connection, how the heck are you able to post this?'

Aha! Now that is a good question. Due to my super intelligence (I am a spaceman after all) and a high tech HTC Desire phone (which is leaps and bounds better than an iPhone, mind you) I'm able to convert my phone into a portable wifi hotspot and surf off my phone's broadband account and voila, an instant back up broadband connection :D

I just heart my HTC Desire! It's the world's bestest phone with the world's bestest Android operating OS. I'm able to do practically anything and everything with it, well almost everything la, I still can't get it to go to work for me ... LOL!

I'm hoping the darn P1 connection will comeback soon cos using my phone as a portable wifi hotspot is hard on the battery. Oh, did I say I love my HTC Desire?