We're getting a lot of jobs in the office that require loads of installation these days. Oh, just in case you didn't know, I run a inkjet printing company with another partner and we only use to do just the printing aspect of things.

But these days, the clients are requesting that we do the installation for them as well. While it can be pretty back breaking to do installation especially for things like trade show flooring and trade show carpet, the returns are pretty high.

But the thing is we're getting more installation jobs than we can handle these days. We're a little short handed at the moment with some man power issues that haven't been settled yet and all of a sudden every client we have is asking us to do installations of their banners, backdrops, logo mats and logo canopy for them!

We could always turn them away but since we've just started off this business, every cent counts so I guess the next couple of weeks will see me climbing here and there doing back breaking installation work! Siggghhh ...