You Hoodia, You!

Argghhh! I'm suffering from a horrendous headache right now and I know I shouldn't be sitting in front of my PC which will only make the headache worse. But I have no choice. My accounts girl came up to me today and ask me what a hoodia is and I looked at her blankly.

A hoodia? At first thought I figured it was some sort of gangster, you know a hood, that kind of thing? Maybe hoodia was the way the Italians say it ... you know how those Italians pronounce things, right?

'If you da piss me off, I'll gets the hoodia to take you out'

So, not wanting to be seen as not knowing what a hoodia is, I just had to log on and find out and I discovered that a hoodia is not some Italian hood but in fact one of the most popular ingredient for diet pills ... LOL!

Hoodia comes from a plant called hoodia gordonii and is a desert based plant that is not unlike the cactus and grows primarily in Africa, Namibia and Angola. There you have it. At least now I know what a hoodia is :D