Why Am I So Sleepy?

I don't know why but I've been feeling sleepy the entire day today. I know it's a Saturday and all that and I'm supposed to feel sleepy all day but today is unlike any normal Saturday I've had. I had a nap earlier today and yet I'm still darned sleepy.

Must be the weather and the fact that I've been working late for the entire month. The weather has been cool since I woke up early this morning for my workout session. It was hard to drag my butt out of bed to even work out but Mrs. Spiff was adamant about it and you don't say no to Mrs. Spiff unless you want a wallop on your head ... LOL!

The thing is, the more I sleep my body starts to ache like crazy when I wake up. Good god, I hope I'm not allergic to sleeping! Is there even such a thing as allergic to sleeping? I'm even having trouble right now trying to keep my eyes open. If it was for this tradeshow giveaways promotion that I've been trying to get some info on, I would just head on to bed right now.