Women Only Buses!

I thought I'd seen it all but I guess I really haven't. Today I read in the Star Online that we now have a bus exclusively for women! I really don't know what to say.

While I understand why  they want to have a bus exclusively for women, especially during peak hours, what with all those perverted little men out there who would take any opportunity to grope some unsuspecting woman in a packed bus but how is this helping to solve the already bad traffice jams we have in the city or even if it will help improve the horrendous public transport system?

Is throwing more buses exclusively for certain genders be the answer to that? Wouldn't that add to the worsening jams we have? And would the drivers of these buses be women as well since it might just be too much for a male driver to concentrate on driver with a whole bunch of women behind him.

Sigghhh ... I think I'd just better get back to looking into building a website for my company. In my previous post I mentioned that we were looking out to expand our business online and was interested in some website construction companies to help us out.

I still haven't gotten around to finding a decent one yet but I've heard that Web Deva may just be the place I should check out. I heard they provide enterprise calls tools and services and are professional not to mention reliable as well which is just what someone like me would need right now.

I think I'll go check them out right after this cos it would sure be better than trying to figure out the minds of the people in this country!