Taking It Online

My partner and me are planning to take our business online (like as if we didn't have enough work already ... LOL!). We think that way, we'd have the clients coming to us instead of the other way round. It just might ease up some time for us to concentrate on our existing workload.

But the thing is, we have no inkling to how to take our business online. We don't really sell a product but more of a service so we're kinda clueless on how to sell online stuff. We'd probably need to find an IT expert to help us out and also would probably need a reliable shopping cart software for people to order stuff from us.

We've actually been discussing this quite some time back but haven't really come around to deciding anything yet. In this day and age, we just want to work electronically and save the hassle of having to drive through countless traffic snarls which is really a waste of a lot of good hours that could be used doing other things.

Maybe I should really start looking into some ecommerce hosting software's and start making this a reality. Who knows, it might even give me more time to blog ... LOL!

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