A Gem In The Making

I have two production guys in the office and one despatch guy. One of the productions guy handles the software, printing and assists in production work such as cutting, lamination, etc, etc. The other production guy is purely for cutting, laminating, etc, etc. The despatch guy, well he does deliveries of our printed stuff, collects artwork for printing, picks up documents and helps out a little in the production department when he's free.

Now, to say that my despatch guy is the best production staff I have compared to the two people who are SUPPOSED to be in production is really insane but it's true. My despatch boy, who has no business helping out with production work seems to be better than the people who are supposed to be specialized in that department!

I'm speechless. My real production people needs so much supervision that sometimes it's a blessing to have this despatch boy help out when he's free cos he's so much more competent than the other two, who mind you, are paid higher than he is. Just for that we decided to confirm his status in the company and take him off the probation list.

A staff like this is too good to let go. I've decided to train him up even more with production and slowly ease him off the despatch duties. I could always hire another despatch but it sure is difficult trying to find a good production guy. At least I won't have to take fat burners anymore with him around to help out.