Who The Heck Have You Been Calling???!!!

I was running through my cell phone bill online, something I do occasionally and had the shock of my life when I saw the unbilled amount for this month. It was a staggering RM650.00 and it isn't even the end of the month yet!

Good god, who the heck has been using my account to rake up a bill that high. My normal monthly bill is in the range of RM200 or so and seeing a bill of RM650.00 is really shocking! You see, I have 4 supplementary lines not inclusive of my own main line. Mrs. Spiffy and my younger boy are two of the supplementary users and I subbed out two more lines for my office usage, one for my despatch boy and one for another colleague.

I know for a fact Mrs. Spiffy doesn't use her phone much except to call me and the younger fellows phone is acting up and can't make calls for reasons unknown. I use my phone pretty extensive but my phone plan is the cheapest in Digi. In fact the plan doesn't exist anymore and Digi has been trying to get me to change my plan but I refuse and they have no choice but to honour this old and really cheap plan :D I also subscribe to a broadband package but it's a monthly fixed price unlimited usage plan.

My own calls don't even come up to RM150.00 including the broadband usage so I was flabbergasted at the amount. I suspect the culprit is one of the other two supplementary users and after doing an extensive online check on their usage, I discovered the despatch guy has been accessing heavy internet usage on his cell and it's the 'pay as you use kind' which has raked up at least RM300 plus of GPRS data usage! Good god, what the heck has he been surfing? Porn? Searching for opus x cigars?

That guy is so going to get it tomorrow. He has been told that this supplementary line is for office usage only and not for his personal use. He has his own number for that. Mrs. Spiffy told me to go easy on him cos maybe he doesn't know the cost of GPRS data usage, which to be honest I myself don't know. But he is still so going to get it.

I've never raked up a phone bill this high before, well except when Mrs. Spiffy and me were dating back in them old days and we stayed so far apart that calling her was like calling Mars ... LOL! You don't even wanna know how much ours cell phone bills were back then.

At least now I know the culprit and can sleep peacefully tonight knowing I'm going to scream at someone tomorrow morning ... LOL!