The Long Break

It feels good to not be working today :D We declared an extra day off today for the Chinese new year which kicks off tomorrow. It's going to be a nice long break for me till next Monday when we resume work again and I start working on that merchandiser jobs projects I have pending.I don't really have anything planned for the CNY holidays yet except maybe take the boys out gallivanting somewhere. Other than that I just plan to get some much needed rest. I've been pushing myself a little too hard for work and also for my running and I'm going to take advantage of the holidays to let my body recuperate.

When you're an old fogey like me, you tend to need your rest more and more. I don't expect the town to be as deserted as the CNY's of the previous years but I expect to see a little less traffic in town though.

And before I sign off and enjoy my break, for all of you driving back to your hometowns and all that, please do remember to drive safely on the roads. Wherever you're headed to, you'll get there eventually by driving slow and safely.

With that said and done, Happy Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate the occasion.