That Leaky Feeling

Darn, the water pipes in the house is leaking again. And this is for 20th million time! Darn! Darn! And more darn! I cannot even remember the amount of times the pipes has sprung a leak in this old place.

The first month I moved here and the pipes started its first ever leak. Good thing I can get the house owner to fix it. But the thing is, he normally get his real estate agent to handle the repairs and that guy takes a hell of a long time to get it fixed.

Just yesterday, while Mrs. Spiff was looking around the place trying to find a nice location to hang some address plaques and numbers, she discovered a leaky pipe outside the front section of the house. Then while still seeking for a place to hang those home address plaques, she found another leak, this one more serious coming from the ceiling outside the kitchen.

I really couldn't be too bothered with the leak at th front section cos that's a tiny drip but the one in the kitchen needs some serious looking into. It's actually been leaking quite a while judging by the mould that's gather around the ceiling area. Looks like it's time to bug the real estate guy to send the plumbers over again. I wonder how long that is going to take.

And if you're wondering why Mrs. Spiff is looking for places to hang address plaques, well you have to ask her yourself cos I have no idea too ... LOL!