A Whole Year Long

Gosh, I can't believe my last post was last year. Damn, time sure flies so fast these days. The new year has started out with me working non-stop since Monday. In fact this is so far the only day that I actually managed to get home early.

Nothing much has changed since last year. I'm still the same annoying spaceman that I've always been with the only exception is that I practically lost almost all my hair. I decided to take Mrs. Spiffy up on her suggestion to cut my hair practically bald and with much apprehension and fear I actually went to the barbers and go it cut.

I now have a new nickname from Mrs. Spiffy which is botak ... hahaha ... not very flattering I know but heck, at least I save tons on shampoo and gel :P And no, I am not going to post my botak head picture here. You guys might just take it and email it to the space commission and there goes my reputation. Whoever heard of a bald spaceman?

Anyways, I hope the year has been treating all of you well. I'll drop by your blogs and annoy you soon enough ... muahaha!