Blistering Barnacles!

I've got loads of blisters all over my fingers of both my hands and they hurt like hell! And the worse part is they're all located in areas that I need to use my fingers the most like type, write, dig my nose (LOL!), etc, etc, etc.

Every time I try to use my fingers for a particular task, I tend to forget that I have blisters there and scream out in pain! Damn you blisters. And just how did I get this blisters, you might ask? Well, it's down to my plain old ignorance and stupidity.

Yesterday, I removed some stickers we pasted for a client on the sliding glass doors of one of the malls over here and even though I knew that removing huge stickers like these tend to give one blisters if the proper protection, namely rubber gloves, are not used, I still went and pulled those stickers out bare handed and ended up with huge blisters to show for my 'intelligence' ... siggghhh ... give yourself a good kick on the butt, Spiffy!

I wonder if getting some Lipofuze might help heal the blisters. Then again, I have to find out what lipofuze is first of all ... LOL!