A Time To Rest ... At Least I Think So.

I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. I plan to take a much needed weekend break. It's been a pretty busy week for me what with all the work I have, falling sick (see previous post) and with the check engine light showing on my car, I really could use a nice weekend break!

Well, at least I found out what was wrong with the car after sending it to the auto shop across my office. Apparently some screw or something under the oil sump was not secured properly and it was leaking engine oil which resulted in the light coming on. Sometime I wish I was rich enough to buy a nice little Ford F-150 so I won't have to put up with nonsense like these that happens with my cheap little car!

At the repair shop was just across my office and I didn't have to send it to the San Diego auto repair shop or something which would have made me even more pissed! Like I said, I'm glad the weekend is here for me to rest and rejuvenate, not that I will spend it wisely mind you. I'd probably use it and satisfy my lust for running and end up wanting another weekend just to recover from my running.

Well, no one said I was a sane person ... LOL!