I took the second half of the day off today. I was feeling kinda dizzy and nauseous and it was all cos of a stupid silly pharmacist who made me overdose on ibuprofen. I run quite a bit and any runner, seasoned or not will at one point of time suffer shin splints.

I've suffered shin splints years ago when I used to run and now that I'm seriously back into the running business, I tend to run very long distances and at pretty fast speeds. And because of that I suffer from shin splints easily. To help me recover and prevent these shin splints, I use ice compression and also take ibuprofen to prevent inflammation in my shins.

Now, I've been taking ibuprofen on and off and two days ago, I ran out of my regular ibuprofen. So I went to the pharmacist and they didn't have the one I always take so this pharmacist prescribed me one that was way stronger in dosage. I was reluctant but she said not to worry and told me to take two tablets every few hours which I did.

And because of her wrong prescription I woke up last night to go to the loo to find the room spinning like a top, my stomach hurt like hell and I was vomiting all over the place, not forget that diarrhea set in a few minutes later and I started sweating profusely worse than a leaky faucet! At that point of time, I thought it was a bad case of food poisoning but after some research this morning, I discovered that all the symptoms I had was a classic case of ibuprofen overdose!

Damn the pharmacist, I have a good mind to go over and slap her silly. What if anything worse had happened to me? What if I wasn't strong enough to withstand the symptoms? I read that worse case situations, people have gone into a coma! For gods sake, someone should revoke her license!

I'm much better now after resting at home though I still feel a wee bit lightheaded but that's cos I think I still have some of that ibuprofen in my system which should wear off by tomorrow. I've never felt that way in my entire life and the room was really spinning like a top. It was quite a scare. Well, I've sworn off ibuprofen as of now cos I don't want to experience what I felt last night ever again.

Ok, now that I've vented, I can go and complete that rv insurance quote that I've been meaning to do since last Saturday. One thing I know is I'm going to be wary of pharmacist from this day forth.