Working On A Weekend

I'm working today, a Saturday and I'm not too pissed about it. No, no, I haven't gone insane, I have a client to see that will give me my first order of t-shirts for my very recently (more like yesterday) operational heat transfer t-shirt printing facilities :D

As luck would have it, the moment I officially declared our t-shirt printing facilities opened yesterday, we had a call asking about heat transfer t-shirt printing which had me overjoyed cos I'm personally handling the t-shirt printing facilities in the office and closing a sale on your first operational day is just awesome.

Anyways, as soon as I finish taking this best pre workout supplement for my run later, I'll be heading out to show the t-shirt sample to the client and pick up the artwork and start production of the t-shirts cos the delivery is next week Monday.

So if any of you need any t-shirts done, you all know who to look for :D