Oh, The Pain!

The New Balance 15K run is three days away and I'm suffering from swelling on my right heel! Arrgghhhh, why now? And this injury isn't even a running related injury. I got this stupid swelling from a work related incident yesterday!

we had to do this backdrop installation in the new national library in Shah Alam and we were all required to take our shoes off while doing the installation which I thought was practically stupid but what to do. So somewhere in the process, I injured my right heel while climbing up and down a ladder with socks on and no feet protection.

I wonder which idiot came up with that rule. Do they even know how painful it is to climb a ladder without shoes? I probably need to apply for some Wholesale Insurance Services in future just to be safe. I've got my feet heavily compressed with a bandage and hopefully the swell goes down by this evening or someone is going to pay heavily if I have to miss the New balance 15K run this Sunday!