The Family Day

The gang and me just got back from the MPSJ residents annual family day held at the MPSJ headquarters nearby. It's not something we normally attend but since Mrs. Spiffy and me were not running today and we had nothing better to do, we grabbed the boys and headed over there for a bit.

It was a pretty cool affair and though they weren't handing out any Celtic Woman  Tickets, Christina Aguilera  Tickets, Def Leppard Tickets, Family Values Tour Tickets, or Dave Matthews Band Tickets, I did enjoy myself. They had loads of stalls selling all kinds of stuff from food to souvenirs and even a free hot air balloon ride which I didn't try cos the queue was pretty long.

The event I enjoyed the most was the dog parade show which was in the midst of being set up. I had a great time watching all those professionally trained dogs going through their practice sessions. They were so obedient unlike a little doggy I have at home. The only instruction she'll take from me is 'Pebbles, come eat!' and she'll come bounding to me. Otherwise, she'll just ignore every single instruction I give her ... maybe I should send her to these trainers to whip her into shape ... LOL!

Anyways, I'm too lazy to write too much so I'll leave you with a few pictures of the event :D

The hot air balloon being set up ...

Bigger and bigger ...

Almost there ...

Wheeee ... we're airborne ...

Can you see me smile?

Looks like a sicko amongst the crowd ... LOL!

Where's my treat?

What's all that commotion over there?

Hmmmm, who's that good looking chick over there?

Look, I'm a cute little poodle, now give me my treat already!

A fat and fluffy cat at the cat adoption stand