The Heat Is Up

My t-shirt making facilities are up and running and I completed my first order of heat transfer t-shirts a week or so ago and I'm darned happy about it :D I was extra pleased and happy upon delivering the tees cos the client said that it looked darned good and that she was sure there would be more jobs for me in the future :D

I was a little skeptical at the start though and was a little worried that I wouldn't get it completed on time as the deadline was like one day to complete 10 tees inclusive of looking for the tees, the printing and production but I'm glad I did meet her deadline.

I don't normally take jobs that need to be done is such a rush but I couldn't say no as I really wanted to get our first t-shirt order confirmed. Besides I didn't want the heat transfer machine to be used as a paper weight and collect dust. So far things are looking up for the t-shirt production as I have another order confirmed and one in the midst of being confirmed. So, if you need a customized sweatshirt done, you know who to look for, right? Right? RIGHT?