To Route Or Not To Route

Our new routing machine just came in a few days ago and right now we're still in the midst learning how to use it. While I wasn't that keen on purchasing the machine, my partner was more adamant about it. His theory was that he wanted to be able to do promotional products for his existing clients but my argument was for the added overheads we would have but in the end I lost out.

Since the machine is here and we'll have to pay the bank loan every month, I might as well start promoting the machine. Now, most of you might know what a router is but if you don't well, a router is a machine that can be used for materials such as acrylic, wood, forex boards, high density plastics and can produce engraved effects for your company keychain with logo on it, cut shapes into various materials, make signages and whatnots. I suppose for a full explanation, just pop by my office and I'll show you how it works, I'm too lazy to go into detail ... LOL!

Looks like work is going to get even more busier what with my t-shirt printing department that I have to look into and now this bloody router machine that we have. I haven't even spoken about the laser cutting machine that we also have that has been collecting dust for the past two months. On top of that I have to squeeze in my running into all this work some more ... siggghh ... it had all better be worth it!