Boring TV Nights.

Darn it! There's really nothing to watch on TV these days. All my favorite shows are either on their final season finale episodes or have already ended and I don't know what to watch on TV anymore.

I have a few all time cannot miss (well, sometimes I do miss them anyway) TV series that I just have to watch, namely Hawaii Five-O, CSI: NY and Blue Bloods and they've all save for Blue Bloods which is airing its season finale next week, have already ended.

The series that are replacing it are not my favourites and I'm stuck with nothing to watch between 10pm - 12pm ... siggghhh ... You can't expect me to sit and stare at ATV Lights or blog cos my butt hurts from sitting on this hand me down Ikea chair that Mrs. Spiff gave me after she bought a nice new comfy one for herself. The chair is so uncomfortable, it's no wonder she willingly gave it to me!

At least I managed to find one new show that I can watch on Wednesdays which is called the Dog whisperer and it's awesome show about a man who can tame and rehabilitate dogs. Mrs. Spiffy and me watched it for the first time last night and we're totally hooked. At least my Wednesday nights won't be so boring. As for the other nights, I guess I'll just have to go bug Pebbles ... hahaha!