The Search Goes On

Mrs. Spiffy needs a new cell phone. She's getting annoyed with with the hand me down HTC Tattoo I gave her and feels like flinging it out the window. She says the screen is too small and the onscreen keypad is not even fit for our little doggy to type on ... LOL!

I gave her that phone to use when I got myself a HTC Desire HD and I'm inclined to agree with her about the Tattoo being a tad too small to do much with it. I've been doing some research on cell phones for her and saw the new htc incredibel s which looks like an awesome phone.

But the thing is Mrs. Spiffy is no fan of HTC phones. She says they're too businesslike and doesn't at all complement her character. Me on the other swears by HTC phones and am currently (I stress the word currently) so darned happy with my HTC Desire HD. It can do wonders and the only thing it can't do at the moment is print money for me but I'm confident given some time, they'll come up with a widget that does just that! LOL!