Service For Customers

Customer service in Malaysia leave a hell of a lot to be desired. Sometimes I wonder if these people manning all these customer service sections even know what the word 'customer service' really means. Instead of having problems solved when you call up customer service over here, you end up with a raised blood pressure!

Just the other day, I called up a few different customer service people from different companies to sort out some issues and ended up having to wait for god knows how long on the line listening to some stupid recording and when I finally was put through, all their customer service people were engaged. I was left fuming. All I wanted was to have a few issues resolved and in the end, I didn't get to speak to anyone and nearly had burst a few blood vessels. 

I've given up hope with the customer service in this country so much so that I'm now worried about having to call up the customer service section for this corrugated hose problem that I'm having right now.