The New Toy

My laptop died on me a few weeks back and even taking it to the shop to try and get it 'revived' failed. No matter what the guy at the shop tried, it just refused to come back to life. In the end, I just salvaged the hard disk cos there were a lot f information in there that I just cannot afford to loose.

Then came the hard task of having to look for a new laptop. It wasn't actually hard, just that it would have been hard on my wallet. A good laptop costs money and I need one with some heavy computing power since I use it for work which involves me working on illustrator and photoshop quite a bit.

The lower end ones were really going to cut it. Like I said, it was going to be hard on my wallet but it had to be done. So, after some searching at everyone's favourite computer park, Low Yat Plaza, I managed to find something that would suit my needs.

So now I'd like to introduce to you my new Acer Aspire Olympic Edition laptop :D Ok, to be honest, I didn't really realize it was an Olympic edition until  took it home ... LOL! So far it seems pretty good and is able to handle most of the graphic intensive work that I throw at it like this metal puzzles that I'm working on.

Now, let's just hope it'll last till the next Olympics, at the very least :D