That Hazy Feeling

Good God! I woke up this morning and the place was enveloped with a thick layer of haze! And let me not even start about the acrid smell. What is happening to this country? What do we have to do to get reasonably clean air to breathe? Do I need to put on my Devils Wink clubwear and start doing some weird idiotic ritual to chase the haze away? Maybe throw in some coconuts and a magic carpet ... hahaha! Ok, ok, I don't want to start on that.

But seriously though, the air is simply not livable anymore! I really wish I had a rocket ship to leave this planet and travel around the stars out there.

My Kingdom For A 5 Day Weekend!

The weekend is almost upon us and I simply look forward to it. Unfortunately though, I wish the weekends were more than just two days. Wouldn't it be much better to have 5 day weekends and two day work week? Well, vote me to be supreme leader of the world and I'll make that happen :D

Ok, maybe I'm talking rubbish. Then again, that's pretty normal for me. It's when I'm not talking rubbish that you should be afraid ... LOL! Though it's Friday already, there's still close to 5-6 hours before I pack  up for the day and I'm already damn lazy at work. The worse thing is I still need to find out what a rudy muck 25 actually is!

Where's My Groove?

Did I just write a few minutes ago that I'm finding it hard to get back into the working groove again? Well, this proves it. I really can't get back to working at the moment. My mind drifts back to wanting to laze around the house, which was exactly what I was doing the past week.

Even trying to figure out what this martin little martin series acoustic guitar sentence means isn't helping all that much. I keep staring at the clock on the wall and willing it to move faster. I think it's purposely moving at a snails pace to piss me off. Oh well, another hour or so and I'm outta here!

A Gloomy Outlook

After nearly a week off work, I'm finding it difficult to get back into the groove of working again. My mind is still on holiday mode at the moment! Thank god that I don't have all that much things to do at the moment.

It's already 2 days into the new year and things are not looking all that rosy in this country. And I'm betting it won't be looking rosy anytime soon, especially not with the current ruling regime we have lording over everyone.

Just read some pretty disturbing news about and it saddens me that the government can resort to such things. I don't know where or when this country slipped in the doldrums and I don't know when we can dig our way out of this and live like we used too, in total harmony.

These days, even the alesis percpad doesn't look look too promising and please don't ask me what an alesis percpad is cos I have no idea!

Merry Christmas

I know it's a little early to be wishing anyone a Merry Christmas but heck, I have a long Christmas run to do tomorrow morning so I'd probably be in bed when good fat Nick ... urrrmmm ... I mean Saint Nick squeezes his way through my chimney. Boy, is he gonna be surprised cos I don't have a chimney ...wahahahahaha!

Anyways, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed Christmas and if you're all planning to get me a gift, don't bother, just head to some jewelry stores and get me some jewels already!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way ...

It's that time of year again, when the snow falls and that jolly old fat man (who seriously needs to work out badly) comes around around again trying to squeeze his fat butt down people's chimneys, which for the life of me can't figure out how he does it.

Actually in this day and age, I'm surprised somebody hasn't already shot the poor fat guy for trespassing. Ok, I should really stop calling Santa a fat guy or I'll be staring at lumps of coals in my compression socks this year for Christmas!

Christmas is in three days time and I really don't know what happened to the rest of the year. It's like I fell into a time warp or something. I really gotta pay attention to what happens around me more often cos I can't really remember what U did the entire year. Even this best yamaha flute at Musicians Friend words seem like total gibberish to me.

Cat Restaurant

Mrs. Spiffy and me have recently taken to' looking after' the three stray cats we have roaming the back yard. We've been feeding them and they're so used to us that they're out there every morning waiting for us to feed them breakfast much to the annoyance of our little doggy who simply hates the sight of them.

We take pity on the poor cats and if we were rich enough, we get them some heated cat houses to live in but unfortunately all we can do is make sure they have food to eat and clean water to drink. At least that's something. Just hope they don't bring along more of their feline buddies to our cat restaurant ... LOL!

Heavenly Weather

The weather today has been pretty awesome! I hardly saw the sun all day and running the FRIM trails this morning was simply heavenly. If only the weather could be like that every single time I ran.

It's really an about turn compared to when we had such hazy and unhealthy air conditions just a couple of weeks back. Back then, just trying to breathe was an effort. Today, the clean, cool and fresh air of FRIM was so welcomed.

Let's hope we can have weather like this every so often but for now though, I need to check out this site and see what it's all about.

Genting Highlands, Not!

The outsides look like as if I'm in Genting Highlands but unfortunately, the smell brings you back to reality. The perennial haze is back in this parts of the world and visibility is down to 1 kilometer. Not good at all. Year in and year out we're faced with the same crap from our Indonesian neighbours.

Instead of sorting the issue out, everyone is playing the blame game. No one is seriously taking any efforts to find a solution. If you ask me, I have a few dastardly ideas that would solve this once but then, no one asked me so I'll just play my keyboard piano at Guitar Center and keep on playing until someone asks me!

You Still read Blogs?

Oi, you! Yes, you! Who else would be silly enough to still be reading this blog. In fact, who else would be silly enough to even be reading any blog for that matter. Didn't you know that blogs are so yesterday?

But since you still silly enough to actually read blogs, how would you like a free gift especially from me. Well, if you are really nice to me, I'll let you collect your free bongos at GC especially engraved for you.

All you need to do is tell the guy at the counter that you still read blogs and when he finally stop laughing at you hysterically, then just mention Spiffy told you to come along and collect your free bongo. There, it's as simple as that :D

Oh and this is not April Fool's joke, it's for real. Go ahead and pick up your gift. And you're welcome :D