Being Remembered ...

Last night, well more like late evening to be more specific, my buddy Adrian called me. He was having his dinner (I'm guessing) at this restaurant called Sri Paandi which we both used to frequent quite a long time ago. He still does, but I've rarely been there much nowadays. The conversation went like this,

'Say buddy, I'm at Sri Paandi's and Pete asked for you.'

In a shocked voice I went,

'Seriously? He actually asked for me?

'Yeah buddy, he actually asked for you' was Adrian's reply.

Now before you all go wondering who the heck is Pete, let me tell you that he's one of the waiters from the restaurant. And his name isn't really Pete, we have absolutely no idea what his real name is ... LOL!

We actually gave him that name. In fact we practically named almost all the waiters at this particular restaurant ... hehehe ... This naming thing all happened one fine day a couple of years ago. Like I mentioned earlier, we both used to patronize this restaurant a lot and when I say a lot I mean by every day! And we used to sit there for hours on end at times that all the waiters including the owner of the place knew us well.

All the waiters that this restaurant, which is a Indian restaurant specializing in banana leaf rice and stuff like that hired an all Indian crew of waiters and I really mean all Indian cos they were actually from India. And they're all pretty nice people and after awhile they even knew what we'd be ordering (well, mainly me, cos I ate the same food everytime we went there).

So one day, during one of our very normal hang out sessions at this restaurant, we decided to start naming the waiters with their characters or appearance just for the fun of it. Little did we realize that the names we gave them stuck with them (of course they didn't know we had names for them ... hehehe ...).

Over time we've manged to name them such names as Eddie Murphy (cos he looked so much like Eddie Murpy), Pistol Pete (I can't really remember why we named him Pistol Pete), Sponge Bob Square Pants (well, if you've seen Sponge Bob and if you've seen this waiter, you'll know why ... LOL!), Crackpot Joe (after the harrowing experience my buddy put him through, he still claims it was me, this guy ended up a little loony), Bill man (cos he was in charge of billing), Friar Tuck (the guy who was responsible for frying the chicken and stuff), Water boy (for obvious reasons) and a few more I've totally forgotten their 'names' ... LOL!

The sad thing is I haven't been there for quite a while now and when my buddy called yesterday to tell me Pete was asking for me, you can imagine how surprised I was that he actually even remembered me. I told my wife about it and she said that I must call my buddy and arrange to go there one of these weekends for breakfast or something which I will definitely do but not this weekend cos I have something special cooked up for the kids at home :) It's good to be remember by someone though and thanks for calling and letting me know buddy, that sure made my night :)

10 weird comments:

Adrian said...

YAY I'm the first commentor! LOL So you actually put it up huh! I was shocked the Pete asked for you! Out of the blue too! :)

Anyway you forgot Rasam (Indian spicy soup) Boy and Kuttumal (his real name). Remember Pierre (LOL) but he was for the other place we used to frequent! :):):)

Spiff said...

Oh yeah buddy, I forgot about those two ... LOL! It sure does bring back some memories of my banana leaf rice stuffing days ... hehehe ... I was packing the pounds back in those by eating banana leaf rice everyday ... LOL! We must catch up with some tea over there tomorrow evening or something, will give you a call to confirm.

ethel said...

Isn't it lovely to know when the waiter/waitress remembers you? I like it especially when they know what drink you're going to order even before you open your mouth. Haha!

Naming him "Pete", huh? I tend to name my waiter or waitress too.. but the problem is, I tend to forget who's who most of the time.

You should go there and visit "Pete" lar..

Joanne said...

Hahaha, naming things is one of the simple joys in friends and I even name inanimate objects, too!

(by the way, I tagged you to do a meme of 3 Things You Haven't Let Go Of...feel free to post it on this site or on Anything Goes!)

Spiff said...

Ethel, yeah, I tend to forget the name we give them sometimes too ... LOL! I'm sure they could always remember what I eat cos I only eat the same food every time I go there. Definitely gonna visit Pete soon ... LOL!

Spiff said...

Joanne, inanimate objects too huh? well, next time my buddy and me hang out, we just may try that ... LOL!

Thanx for the tag, will check it out. Great weekend to you.

Menopauseprincess said...

I would imagine that a spaceman and a genie sitting in a place for hours every day would be QUITE memorable!

Spiff said...

MP, unfortunately we weren't known as spaceman and genie king back then, more like Laurel and Hardy ... LOL!

WaterLearner said...


I never knew that guys also do such things. I thought that only girls will hang out and have such "fantasy" episodes!!


Spiff said...

Waterlearner, well my buddy Adrian and me are a little weird when we hang out ... LOL!